Our latest endeavor under THE NORTH FACE Sp. project sees Goldwin and Spiber teaming up with Loaded, whose bamboo-based longboards have established them as the face of forward-looking and sustainable mobility. With this collaboration, we’re rolling out a new R&D project centered on using the combination of protein and cellulose materials in manufacturing.

The core of Loaded’s supple longboards utilizes bamboo, a cellulose-based plant material known for its lightweight and flexible nature. Loaded longboards have enjoyed ongoing popularity since the release of their flagship Vanguard model in 2002. For this collaboration, we’ve taken Loaded’s signature bamboo core and layered it with Brewed Protein™ textile materials to create an all-new bamboo-protein composite.
Through this collaboration, Spiber and Goldwin seek to combine Loaded’s technical knowledge with our own experience in producing Brewed Protein™ materials and composites. By working together, we hope to further our search for a revolutionary new composite with the potential to serve as a next-generation material.